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10 tips to make your home cosy for winter

cosy home

Add some warmth to your home throughout the colder months by creating a cosy home Sitting in front of a crackling fire on a cold winter’s evening spells pure relaxation and cosy comfort. The days get shorter and shorter, the hours before bedtime seem to stretch out, and it becomes increasingly more difficult to get […]

Cotton thread count explained

thread count

Thread Count Explained Buying bed linen can be confusing. Everywhere you look you find 200 thread count, 300, 400, 600, 800… What does it all really mean? What you’ll also notice is, as the thread count increases, so does the price. It’s almost as if we’ve been led to believe the higher the count the […]

6 reasons to shop independent, shop local & shop small

shop small

6 Reasons to Shop Independent, Shop Local & Shop Small Many of us, including myself, are actively looking to support independent and small businesses over the retail giants. Online sites such as Etsy, Not on the High Street and other platforms selling goods from small businesses are helping lure shoppers away from the giants. Amazon, […]

6 reasons to love white bedding

white bedding

We Love White Bedding! White bedding is a choice that is a little daunting, especially if you have pets, children, or love a morning cup of tea or coffee in bed. We are here to convince you that white bedding is not hard work, basic or boring in any way. It works perfectly for every […]

Percale vs sateen – we explain the difference

percale vs sateen

Bedding percale weave vs sateen weave – we explain the difference When shopping for bed linen, the words “percale” or “sateen” are often used in the bedding description. But what do these descriptions actually mean? They are both weaves that contribute to how a set of bed linen feels. There is a different look, feel […]