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Cold weather SOS: top tips to stay warm in bed

There’s absolutely nothing better on a long cold night (or day even) than being curled up in a warm, cosy bed. Bliss! However, with night time temperatures plummeting to as low as -5 degrees in London, and media in the United States reporting they are in “one of the coldest spells in history”, it’s not surprising some people are having problems trying to keep warm in bed at night.

Temperatures are usually at their lowest in the early hours of the morning, and for many the reality of being too cold can impact on their sleep.

But how do you create a warm bed in which to sleep? Nobody likes climbing between icy sheets and shivering for the first few minutes. The good news is that it’s much, much easier to warm your bed than it is to cool it down.

There are many ways to keep warm and toasty in bed this winter, even during the coldest of nights. We’ve provided some useful tips for you below. These are guaranteed to help you have a great night’s sleep.

1. Have a warm (but not hot) bath just before you go to bed

This will warm you up beautifully and help make you feel sleepy.

2. Drink a hot, milky drink

Sipping on a hot, milky drink just before you go to bed will help you drift off to sleep. Chamomile tea can also help. A warm drink will help heat your internal body, which will help keep you warm. A hot, frothy milk works for me every time!

3. Wear appropriate clothing

Wear night clothes such as pyjamas or a large t-shirt to keep you warm. Natural fibres such as wool, cotton or silk keep you warmer than synthetic materials. Keep your feet warm by wearing a pair of super soft bed socks. The extra layer can help improve circulation in your extremities, which will help you fall asleep much more quickly. Try layers of clothing if you get cold during the night. If you get too hot, you can peel a layer off. One of my friends who lives in Switzerland swears by wearing a hat to bed (!?!), as a lot of body heat can escape through your head. I’ve not yet tried this one!

4. Switch to a duvet with a higher tog rating, or “layer up”

If you have a higher tog duvet, switch to that for the cold winter months. This was covered in a previous blog ’10 tips to make your home cosy for winter’. Alternatively, you can double up with several layers of bedding. Throws are great for this. The layers will trap warm air and are easily removed if you get too hot. If you use a blanket, the warmest materials are wool and cotton fleece.

5. Use an electric blanket

This is a great way to heat your bed up before you get into it. Make sure you read the instructions and follow the safety advice. Don’t forget to turn it off before you fall asleep.

6. Pop a hot water bottle in your bed

Simply pop a hot water bottle under your duvet before you go to bed, and your bedding will be warm and toasty when you slide in. You can snuggle up to it or use it to keep your feet warmer when you first go to sleep. Sometimes the most traditional methods still prove to be the most effective! Make sure it has a cover on it to prevent scalding. This will also make that it doesn’t feel cold in the middle of the night and wake you up.

7. Snuggle up with your partner (or pet)

Having additional body heat to your own can help you feel nice and snug. What better an excuse do you need to cuddle up with your partner? It doesn’t take much imagination to know how to create body heat with your partner! Snuggling up with your cat or dog (or toddler) can also help keep you warm.

8. Keep the cold out

Check your windows to make sure there is no cold air coming in. If they feel draughty, apply weather-stripping around the edges of the window. Hang some heavy curtains to stop any draught. Not only do curtains keep the cold out and the heat in, they also add a layer of texture to the walls, which adds to the cosiness of a room. Closing your bedroom door will also help keep the heat in your bedroom. You can keep draughts from seeping under your door by placing a rolled-up towel or blanket in front of the door.

With these tips, you should not have any problems trying to sleep through even the coldest of nights. What’s your best tip for keeping warm in bed? Tell us in the comments below, or if you have used one of our tips, let us know!

Thanks for reading

Sara x




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