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10 tips to make a cosy home for winter

Create a cosy home by adding some warmth to your home in the colder months 

Sitting in front of a crackling fire on a cold winter’s evening spells pure relaxation and cosy home comfort. The days get shorter and shorter, the hours before bedtime seem to stretch out, and it becomes increasingly more difficult to get out of bed on the dark, cold mornings.

The chilly weather outside means that more time will be spent indoors. Your home needs to be extra comfortable and snug for these colder months – it goes with the season. Nothing makes winter more enjoyable than being curled up on the coach snuggling under a luxe throw and sipping hot chocolate with a good book or a Netflix binge session. There’s nothing better than getting cosy when it’s freezing cold outside. You need a cosy home.

With Christmas fast approaching, this is a perfect time to make your home feel warmer, more welcoming and really cosy to enjoy these cold winter months in. There are a number of easy ways to increase your cosy home levels when the temperature drops. And what’s even better is that these ideas are suitable for keeping up all the way through to spring.

The only downside to these tips and ideas? You might never be able to leave for work again. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. You’ll soon have your ideal cosy home.

1. Keep throws and blankets handy

It’s easy to reach straight for the thermostat if your home feels cold. However, a much better plan is to make sure you always have something to hand to snuggle up in. Soft furnishings are essential when it comes to creating cosy vibes, so make sure your sofa is stocked with an array of throws and cushions – perfect for sinking into after a long day. You can layer them up in different fabrics, textures and colours. Chunky knits and thick velvet fabrics are a popular choice for winter, while wool will add natural warmth.

You can drape a warm blanket or throw over the back of your sofa to create a cosy snuggling spot. A faux fur throw always feels incredibly luxurious. Whether it’s placed on the back of a chair, draped over the arm of a sofa, or even layered with a footstool, the plush texture cries “deluxe” whilst providing warmth – both aesthetically and in reality. This can completely change the look of a room, thus being part of your living room’s “winter outfit”. It’s so practical – you can keep the thermostat lower and snuggle up.

You can also simply keep extra blankets handy in rooms where you like to relax. You can fill a trunk or basket with a supply of soft wool and fleece throws. Your family can then each have one – they won’t be able to resist.

Likewise, you can have a supply of blankets and throws easily accessible in the bedrooms.

2. Stoke the fire

A fireplace quickly becomes the heart of the home as you are naturally drawn towards it. Those who have working fireplaces or wood-burning stoves are incredibly lucky in the winter months. Having a roaring fire is by far the best way to make your house feel cosy and snug, and you will appreciate it every time you use it. The heat of a natural fire is best enjoyed after a long winter walk, with a glass (or two) of red wine or a mug of hot chocolate topped with roasted marshmallows. If you’d like an intimate dinner, you can move a table close to the fireplace for a romantic ambience.

You should keep your logs, kindling, fire tools and supplies to hand in a stylish wicker log basket. You can also display some of your favourite things on the mantle.

3. Get that extra sparkle with fireplace fairy lights

If you do not have a working fireplace, do not despair! Whilst it can be challenging to truly brighten up with anything other than a real, log-burning fire, it can be achieved. In the summer, fireplaces and hearths are a great place to display plants and flowers, but during winter they can still feel cold if they’re not producing a source of light. When the nights close in, try filling them with a stack of logs and a tangle of fairy lights. Whilst it won’t keep you warm, it will produce light and create the illusion of glowing embers in a softly dying fire.

Fairy lights are also an ideal bedroom accessory for winter. They add a cosy atmosphere and look especially good around beds, mirrors and windows.

4. Create a cosy bed – a restful retreat

Don’t forget about your bedroom! One of the best things about winter is being cocooned in a comfy bed whilst it’s freezing cold outside. You can make it so cosy you will not want to get up in the mornings!

A great way to prepare your bedroom for the season is by switching lighter cotton bedding for something a little warmer. For example, if you have our cool & crisp 200 thread count percale weave bedding – ideal for the summer months – you might wish to switch to our soft & smooth 300 thread count sateen weave bedding instead. The sateen has a really soft and cosy feel. You can then layer on an extra quilt or blanket to really increase the cosy factor.

You should swap your summer duvet for one with a higher tog rating. A 10.5 tog will keep you warm if you have good central heating, while those who want even more warmth from their bedding might prefer a rating of 13.5.

You can finish your bed with layers of throws and cushions for maximum warmth. A faux fur throw is a great investment for your bedroom. You can casually drape one across the foot of the bed during the day and add it as a bedding layer during the night. Different weights and weaves of fabric can be used to animate a room. Playing with contrasting textures adds instant depth, warmth and visual interest.

5.Get cosy underfoot

Whilst hard flooring such as hardwood floors, bare floorboards and tiles are easy to clean and a convenient choice for families and pet owners, it lacks that snugness of carpets once the cold nights draw in. You should therefore get cosy underfoot and cover it up with a rug. Adding a rug or two will create a cosier atmosphere and keep feet warm, even in the depths of winter.

Don’t forget to leave your slippers by the door so you can pop them on as soon as you get home, which will make you instantly feel more relaxed and at home.

If you have bare floorboards in your bedroom, you can add a rug, even if it’s just a small runner next to the side of your bed for your bare feet.

A new rug in your living room or bedroom will not only add warmth but will transform the look of a space.

6. Create a snug reading nook

Everyone needs a cosy corner to curl up with their favourite book. When it gets dark so early, it’s all too easy to fall into a TV binge-watching stupor. Create an alternative way to spend your leisure time by creating a comfortable space where you can curl up with a favourite book, a glossy magazine or your iPad. Keep plenty of pillows, a blanket or throw, those materials you’ve been waiting to get your nose into, soft lighting and an easy to reach table where you can place your cup of tea or glass of wine. You can then snuggle up and read until your heart’s content. Bliss!

7. Add layers of light

As the days get shorter and the night becomes longer, lighting is increasingly important to set the perfect atmosphere. Layers of lighting can be created giving options for reading, talking with visitors and movie watching with an ample supply of table and floor lamps. Lamps provide relaxed low-level lighting for your living space. Dimmers can be used to change the ambience of your overhead lights and ceiling fixtures. Fairy lights can also be used to add sparkle.

Candles, lanterns and tea lights can also be put to good use to create a lovely glow on an evening. The luxurious scented candles also come into their own at this time of year. Not only do they make your home smell amazing, they generate some serious heat into a room. Why not try cinnamon, ginger or nutmeg scented ones to give your home a real winter aroma.

Flickering candles at dinner time can be used to give meals an intimate feel. And run a hot, steaming bath and arrange lit candles for instant relaxation.

It goes without saying to be careful with candles, tea lights and naked flames.

8. Let in the low winter light during the day and pull your curtains at night

Make sure the curtains on the south and west sides of your home are kept open during the day to take advantage of the low winter sun. Doing this means the heat from the sunlight will circulate around the room to help warm the room up. Pull them shut once the sun has gone down to keep the heat in.

Investing in a thick pair of lined curtains is a great tip to keep the heat in. They will help keep the warmth in the room in, whilst providing a layer in between the room and the window to stop any draughts.

Not only do curtains keep the cold out and the heat in, they also add a layer of texture to the walls, which adds to the cosiness of a room. When shut, they close the room in for a snug and cosy feeling.

9. Change your colour scheme

You cannot beat warmer colours for giving an overall sense of cosiness. Try adding a few pops of warmer colours such as red, orange or mustard to your home or bring in some texture too, with tartans, tweed and checks. Scatter cushions are ideal for creating a temporary colour scheme, as are blankets and throws. Neutral colours such as gentle greys and heather shades are timeless and they also help create a tranquil feel.

10. Surround yourself with greenery

When it’s dark outside, plants add some natural and vibrant colour to your home. They instantly help warm a room and add some natural, vibrant colour when it’s grey and cold outside. They smell lovely and bring some freshness into every corner of a room.

Consider flowers as well. Not only do they look beautiful, but they leave your home smelling lovely. There’s nothing wrong with the odd fake plant or flower as well.

For a festive feel, hang up a garland of evergreens over your fireplace or hearth. You can dress your dressing table with a vase filled with thistles, ferns and berries as a simple way to set the scene.

A wreath is not just for Christmas – they look great on display in your home as soon as winter kicks in.

Hopefully I have given you some great tips and ideas to add some warmth and cosiness to your home throughout the colder months. With just a few small changes, you can transform your home into a cosy home this winter. You might never want to leave your home (or bed) again!

I’m now going to buy some plants and fairy lights to help make my home cosy this winter. We have the throws already in our bedrooms, but I might just buy a few more for downstairs as well. Exactly the tips and ideas I needed. Then to light the fire, turn Netflix on and open a bottle of Pinot Noir. Bliss!

Thanks for reading. Please have a browse at our organic cotton bed linen ranges.

Sara x

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