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Hot weather SOS: 14 top tips to stay cool in bed

Is the hot weather here to stay? Britain is set to see the hottest temperatures of the year so far with temperatures of at least 30C expected later this week as the Saharan Bubble heatwave hits. IF the weather forecasters have predicted it correctly.  It’s already humid, which has been sparking thunderstorms across the country, and these muggy conditions and hot weather will continue for many across the country.

We complain when it’s too cold, and we complain when it’s too hot. Personally, I think heat is harder to bear, as it is more challenging to cool yourself down than it is to heat yourself up.

We all remember the many, many weeks of 30C+ hot weather we had last summer. Rare hot weather in this country. It left many tossing and turning in bed, struggling with sweat that glued you to the sheets. It. Is. Awful. Fans sold out across the country. Weeks and weeks of sleepless nights. If the forecasters are right there are more hot, sticky, restless nights with this for us to look forward to.

But do not fear! We have some great tips you can follow to help you cope with the heat and humidity. These quick tips on how to keep cool in bed in the hot weather will mean the difference between a sleepless night and some quality zzz’s. You’ll feel as cool as a cucumber all night long.

1. Ditch your duvet

Use a sheet instead, or take the duvet out from the duvet cover, and use the duvet cover instead. This will help you feel much cooler. Some ditch the covers altogether!

2. Use cotton bed sheets

Other fabric types e.g. silk, flannel, polycotton do not let your skin breathe. Use light weight cotton bed sheets instead. Our percale weave organic cotton range is perfect for the summer months as it has a cool and crisp feel and is lightweight and breathable. Quality zzz’s every time!

3. Don’t go commando

As tempting as this may be on a hot and humid night, wearing light weight cotton jimjams or t-shirt will let your skin breathe and ensure that any sweat is soaked up instead of being left on your body.

4. Stay away from loved ones

If you share a bed with someone – whether it’s your partner or a four-legged furry pet – don’t! You will have a better chance of keeping cool if you have the bed to yourself! Cuddling with a partner increases body heat, making your bed a warm, sweaty pit of yuckiness instead of a cool, calm oasis that your bed should be. Sleeping spread eagle is a great way to reduce body heat and let air circulate around your body. This will also help you stop getting too sweaty.

5. Open the windows an hour or so before you go to bed

Providing you keep your curtains/blinds/shutters closed during the day to keep out the heat of the sun, opening the windows before you go to bed will help keep the air circulating and let in some welcome breeze as the temperature starts to drop later in the evening.

6. Put your bed sheets in the freezer

This is going to sound like a really strange one! Putting your sheets and pillows into bags and popping them into your freezer for 20 minutes or so before bedtime will help you feel much cooler when you get into bed. Your bed will feel delightfully cold, helping you get to sleep. This won’t help you feel cool all night, but it will make getting into bed more pleasurable in the humid nights.

7. Invest in an electric fan & DIY cold breeze

An electric fan is a great way to cool a room down. They are noisy though! You can make a DIY air conditioner by placing a shallow pan or bowl full of ice (or frozen bottle of water) in front of a fan. The breeze will pick up cold water from the surface of the ice as it melts, creating a cooling mist. Genius trick!

8. Use your hot water bottle

I bet you were not expecting this to be a top tip! Bear with me here. During the summer, stick it in the freezer to create a bed-friendly ice pack. You can pop this at the foot end of the bed to cool it (and you) down. Remember water will expand when freezing, so don’t fill it up too much.

9. Get low

Hot air rises, so get down as low as you can to make sure you’re surrounded by cooler air. Sleep on the floor, or even sleep downstairs, if you are really desperate to escape the heat.

10. Turn off technology and the lights

TVs, laptops, phone charges and electrical sockets, even when idle, can produce unwanted heat. Turn off the switches and unplug your appliances before you go to bed. This will help you keep your room cool through the night. You’ll save energy as well. Take advantage of the natural light as much as possible and minimise your bedroom light use as this will also help keep your bedroom cool.

11. Cool off

Have a lukewarm shower to lower your core body temperature before bed and rinse off any sweat from the day. Don’t have a freezing cold shower though, as this will overly stimulate you and wake you up. You can now get into bed feeling cool and clean. You can also cool off super-quick by rinsing cold water on your pulse points at the wrists, temples, elbows, groin, behind the knees and ankles. A cold flannel will do the same trick. You can even dunk your feet in cold water to help you cool down. Do whatever works best for you.

12. Splash your sheets

Spray your sheets with a light mist of cool water can make all the difference when you are struggling to sleep. Don’t soak your bed though. Sleeping in some slightly damp sheets could help cool you down and keep you comfortable. Or dampen a sheet or towel in cool water and use it as a blanket. Be careful not to soak the mattress (lay the damp sheets on top of a dry towel)! This worked wonders on my dog last summer!

13. Cool your curtains

Spray cool water on your curtains and keep your window open. Or hang a wet sheet in front of the open window. This will let the breeze blow some much needed cool air around your bedroom, without the added noise of using a fan.

14. Camp at home

Practice your camping skills by sleeping in a tent in your back garden. Camping downstairs in your help will also help as heat rises. This can be made fun for you and the kids!

Following these easy tips should help you get some quality zzz’s on even the hottest of nights.

If you have any great tips to stay cool in bed during the hot summer months, please let me know.

Thanks for reading. You can browse our organic bed linen here.

Sara x

P.S. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I wrote about how to stay warm in bed during the cold winter nights!

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