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A roller coaster ride | the new business start up

Hold on tight…

This quote really resonates with me this week, given that Linen Quarter® is a new business which only launched a few weeks ago. I am hoping it is natural to be this scared when starting a new business. This will give me with the momentum to work really hard to ensure this new business – Linen Quarter – is a success.

Main reason for being scared?

We have a warehouse full of stock that we are hoping to sell. This in itself is nerve racking enough as our bank balance has taken a huge hit to get this far. It’s quite terrifying really. Those who know me know I have a deep fear of the unknown. I thrive on stability, knowing what I’m doing when, knowing that I can deliver what needs to be done, routine, familiar people and familiar surroundings. This makes me sound incredibly dull I know! To say I am going outside of my comfort zone with this venture is an understatement.

Some of you know that I also spend a lot of time worrying what other people think, how they comment / might comment etc. This is in life in general as well as with work. Perhaps this is the inner perfectionist in me. Probably not the best of traits to have. This is the same inner perfectionist who tried to persuade my husband to wait for a few more weeks before launching, to make sure everything is “just right” with the website, our organic cotton bedding and supporting communications. I’m risk averse, he’s a risk taker. I like to think after so many years together this balances out.

The last 10% it takes to launch something takes as much energy as the first 90%

A great quote from Rob Kalin, founder of Etsy. A quote that we can both really relate to, having worked through the night prior to our launch to get everything ready. All the while dreaming of getting back into our cosy bed with our super soft bed linen. Of course we have Linen Quarter’s 100% organic cotton bed linen in our house. It didn’t quite make our son’s room though (apart from the fitted sheet) as he has his beloved football team duvet set. I won’t say which team in case it alienates readers. He does sneak out and pinch one of the pillows from our spare room that has our soft and smooth pillow case as “it feels so dreamy against my face mummy.” Quite a good description from a 10 year old boy!

Did I realise how exciting this new business venture would be?

No. I have surprised myself. It’s been fun yet challenging. I’ve been learning about website design, website content, search engine optimisation (still a long way to go with this), the supply chain and social media (amongst other things). I’ve had highs and lows already, and I’m sure this roller coaster ride will continue. We are only at the start of our exciting new business.

Yes I’m scared. Yes we are taking a risk. But this is OK. Amazing things can happen.

We know you will love our bed linen as much as we do. You can browse our organic cotton bed linen here.

Sara x

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