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What is sateen weave bedding, and is it for me?

When shopping for bed linen, the descriptions can leave you feeling very confused. What is percale bedding? What is sateen bedding? What is the difference between these? What will suit me best? Confused? Look no further.

The difference between sateen and percale weave is in how the cotton threads are woven, which creates a different look, feel and experience. Which is better really comes down to a matter of preference. Both weave types will give you luxurious and comfortable bed linen and ultimately a great night’s sleep.

Sateen weave is often described as a “favourite old t-shirt”, compared to percale as a “crisply ironed shirt.” This is a great way to describe the difference.

This week we are looking at sateen weave, how it’s made, how it feels and how to know if it’s for you.

How is sateen made?

The cotton threads (yarns) for a sateen weave are woven in a three-threads-over and one-thread-under pattern, which exposes more of the thread surface. This gives the fabric its lustrous sheen and silky feel and drape. It is typically woven more tightly than a percale weave, resulting in a higher thread count, and a slightly heavier and warmer fabric.

How does sateen feel?

A sateen weave provides a soft, smooth and luxurious feel – a silk-like touch. This is why we call it our Soft & Smooth range. It is so beautifully soft against the skin and is warm to the touch. The subtle sheen mellows beautifully after washing.

Is it for me?

The sateen weave creates a warm cocoon like feel whilst sleeping, at the same time as being breathable. It will provide you with a warm cocoon like feel whilst sleeping. It is comfortable all year round, and especially in winter or if you are a cold sleeper as its heavier weight drapes over the body and retains more body heat. For this reason, it might not be the best choice for hot, humid countries.

Linen Quarter’s Soft & Smooth sateen collection

Our Soft & Smooth bedding collection is lightweight and breathable but cosy at the same time. It does not feel as heavy as other sateen bed linen ranges, as we have used the finest natural 100% organic cotton long staple thread, in a single ply weave. This range looks and feels luxurious. It is conveniently low maintenance as it’s easy to care for and naturally wrinkle resistant.

You can shop our sateen range here.

In our next blog, we will look at percale weave, how it’s made, how it feels and how to know if it’s for you.

Thanks for reading.

Sara x

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