4 easy ways to get your bed summer ready

As we move from spring towards the summer, the warmer nights can take their toll on your quality of sleep. If you have noticed this, it is time to get your bed summer ready. If you have not yet suffered this, it’s likely you soon will as the days and nights get warmer.

Here are 4 easy ways to get your bed summer ready and ensure you have a great night’s sleep in the warmer months ahead.

1. Change to a lighter tog duvet

If you are anything like me, you will have a thicker tog duvet for the cold winter nights. Changing your duvet will have the biggest impact on your sleep during the summer. Having the choice of a summer (lower tog) and winter (higher tog) duvet will make sure you sleep soundly all year round. I have an “all seasons” duvet, which has a 4.5 tog layer and a 10.5 tog layer, that clip together to ensure warmth during the colder winter months and can be separated for the hotter summer months. I prefer a 10.5 tog for summer, my husband prefers a 4.5 tog. Typical!

2. Switch to a cooler feel bed linen

The main goal of summer bedding is to incorporate lightweight, cool and breathable bed linen. It has been scientifically proven that humans sleep best in cooler temperatures, so your choice of bed linen affects how well you sleep more than you’d think. The fabric, weave and finish of your sheets, duvet cover and pillow cases will all affect your body temperature throughout the night.

Consider switching to a cool-to-the-touch fabric, such as percale weave, which will help keep you cooler in the summer months. A percale weave cotton fabric provides a cool and crisp, silk-like feel to your skin. It is lightweight and breathable, which makes it perfect for naturally warm sleepers or the summer months. Avoid man-made fabrics such as polycotton, as they do not let your skin breathe.

If you do not already have percale bedding, what a great excuse to buy new bedding. I love new sheets on a bed, so a change of season is the perfect opportunity to invest in some new sheets if you have not recently bought any. White bed linen is my absolute favourite and my go-to essential for any bedroom, particularly so in the warm summer months. It gives such a light and airy feel – literally and aesthetically.

Our white percale bed linen is made from the finest natural 100% organic cotton. It’s less expensive than other organic cotton bed linen available in the market place. It’s great quality at an even better price. You can shop our percale organic cotton range here. You can find out more about percale bedding in a previous blog – What is percale bedding, and is it for me?

3. Freshen up your bedding

You can freshen up your duvets and pillows by hanging them outside in the fresh air every few weeks during the summer months, or more frequently if you feel they are retaining too much moisture (apologies for using this word, but we sweat in bed – there’s no getting away from this rather yukky fact).

If you are suffering in the heat during the night, and feel you are sweating more than usual, consider washing your bed linen more frequently during the hot weather. This will keep your bed feeling lovely and fresh throughout the week. After all, there’s nothing better than sliding into a freshly made bed. Your sheets can be quickly dried in the warmer weather – you might as well take advantage!

4. Accessorise to create the summer vibes

Remove and pack away any heavy blankets and faux fur throws. You can finish your bed with lighter-weight throws, for decorative effect. You can always use these on a colder night should additional warmth be needed.

Something as simple as a change of colour scheme can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your bed. You can use a more neutral palette to create a light and airy feel with your cushions and throws or use bright accents of colour to achieve a relaxed summer vibe.

Our next blog will look at ways to get your bedroom ready for summer and give your bedroom a real summer vibe. If you have any great tips for this, please let me know.

Thanks for reading.

Sara x

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