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6 tips to give your bedroom the summer vibe

The run up to summer is the perfect opportunity to mix up your bedroom décor style and experiment with new season colours and patterns. Just as you would pack away your winter clothing such as jumpers and coats, you can store away the accessories that make your bedroom feel warm and cosy for the winter months. You will want to create a bedroom that’s cool and comfortable for the warmer summer months.

If you are in need of some summer ideas that will keep you cool – literally and aesthetically – all summer long, our latest blog gives you some simple ways to get your bedroom ready for summer.

1. Declutter & clean your bedroom

I always find it surprising how quickly clutter can pile up. Clutter and general disorganisation can cause stress and anxiety, making it difficult to relax. This is not ideal in your bedroom, which should be your sanctuary. A place to relax, unwind, escape and sleep. You need to create as much clean and clear space as you can, so the sun shine can shine in.

This is a great time of year to evaluate your clutter and identify what you can get rid of or put into storage during the warmer months to free up space. I’ve been glued to Netflix’s Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, who helps clients clear out the clutter and choose joy with her KonMari Method. This really does #sparkjoy in your life. I can definitely recommend.

This is also a great time of year for spring cleaning. A great excuse to deep clean your bedroom and get to those hard to reach areas. Start by removing everything from your bedroom, cleaning the floors and furniture, and putting everything back (not necessarily as it was originally). Try Mrs Hinch’s carpet cleaning squeegee hack – it’s incredible. Be warned though – you will be revolted by the dirt that appears!

A spring clean does not cost anything, apart from your time. Your room will feel so much fresher afterwards.

2. Let the light in

Look for ways you can let the natural light into your bedroom. Giving your windows a good clean can make such as difference. If you don’t want to use any chemical cleaning products, you can revert back to the good but effective “old fashioned” way with newspaper and a home made recipe (2 cups water, ¼ cup vinegar and ½ liquid soap (to get rid of the waxy film that might be on the window). A squirt bottle works best but you can also lightly dip your newspaper into a jar of your home made cleaning recipe).

You can swap the heavy dark curtains you have for the cold winter months and change for sheer, natural window dressings to let the light in and increase airflow into your bedroom. If you find yourself unable to sleep with the lighter mornings, consider wearing an eye mask. They’re very effective for the summer months. My husband swears by these for uninterrupted sleep.

Another way to let the light in is to have a large mirror in your bedroom, which will reflect the natural light there is instead of absorbing it. It will also make the room look bigger and reflect light around the room.

3. Remove a layer or two

Remove and pack away any heavy blankets and throws for the summer months. You can finish your bed with lighter layers of throws, which you can pull up on top of your duvet on a colder night should you need some additional warmth. Consider a vintage trunk or under-bed storage boxes to store your winter bedding and accessories.

4. Change to summer bedding

As we move from spring towards the summer, the warmer nights can take their toll on your quality of sleep. The main goal of summer bedding is to incorporate lightweight, cool and breathable bed linen. It has been scientifically proven that humans sleep best in cooler temperatures, so your choice of bed linen affects how well you sleep more than you’d think. The fabric, weave and finish of your sheets, duvet cover and pillow cases will all affect your body temperature throughout the night.

Consider switching to a cool-to-the-touch fabric, such as percale weave, which will help keep you cooler in the summer months. A percale weave cotton fabric provides a cool and crisp, silk-like feel to your skin. It is lightweight and breathable, which makes it perfect for naturally warm sleepers or the summer months. Avoid man-made fabrics such as polycotton, as they do not let your skin breathe.

White bed linen is my absolute favourite and my go-to essential for any bedroom, particularly so in the warm summer months. It gives such a light and airy feel – literally and aesthetically.

Summer bedding was covered in more detail in our previous blog – 4 easy ways to get your bed summer ready. Percale bedding has also been covered in what is percale bedding and is it for me?

5. Accessorise for summer

Something as simple as a change of colour scheme can make a huge difference in the feel of your bedroom. If you do not have the time, money or inclination to redecorate, you can achieve a summer effect by changing your accessories such as throws and cushions to create a more summer-like atmosphere. Instead of using darker fabrics and textiles, which are great to provide warmth in the winter months, you can accessorise with neutral or bright accents of colour. These are great for achieving a relaxed summer vibe.

6. Let the outside in

The warmer weather means everyone wants to be outdoors. Why not bring a piece of the outside in? Put some freshly-cut flowers in a vase at the side of your bed or on your dressing table. A summery feel in an instant. Not only do they look beautiful, but they leave your room smelling lovely. A few plants will also make you room feel sunnier, and houseplants are a great way to detoxify the air. There’s nothing wrong with the odd fake plant or flower as well.

Thanks for reading
Sara x

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