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The truth about thread count

What’s in a number?

The truth about thread count is that a high thread count does not mean a better-quality sheet. It is not a measure of quality. Read on to understand why.

When Linen Quarter first started out, we quickly realised that the information needed to make an informed choice as to what bed linen to buy is not easy to find. This is particularly true when it comes to thread count. Everywhere you look you find 200 thread count, 300 thread count, 400, 600, 800… but what does it all really mean? What’s in a number?

What you will also notice is, as the thread count increases, so does the price. Ta-da! It’s almost as if we’ve been led to believe the higher the thread count, the better quality the sheets. I must admit, I’ve fallen for this in the past!

But is this really the case? Is higher better? Will a high thread count ultimately give you a better night’s sleep?

Believe it or not, high thread count does not always mean high-quality sheets. The truth is, thread count has been given an exaggerated importance by manufacturers and retailers. They operate on a “high thread count = better quality” sales and marketing approach, which means higher prices for us to buy them. Some have also inflated their numbers by using a multi-ply thread (instead of a single ply thread), which results in heavier, scratchier, less comfortable, less breathable and less durable bedding.

What is thread count (TC)?

TC is a measure of how many threads are woven into one square inch of fabric. Both the vertical (warp) and horizontal (weft) weave of the fabric are counted to determine the thread count. For example, an authentic 200 thread count sheet will be made up of 100 horizontal single-ply threads and 100 vertical single-ply threads woven together. In reality, it’s only possible to fit a limited number into that square inch.

Does thread count matter?

So surely the more weaves in a square inch, the better the quality of the sheet? Not necessarily. Don’t be swayed by the numbers! Before you ask, it’ is not just us saying this. The TC myth has been highlighted by The Huffington Post and Business Insider.

Is there an ideal number?

We’ve researched TCs extensively in setting up our business. You could say we have done the hard work for you. We concluded that a TC of 200 for our percale weave organic cotton bed linen would be the best choice for our customers. We felt this to be the sweet spot of optimal level of softness, comfort and durability without losing its all-important luxury feel. At this TC, the fabric remains light weight and breathable. We know this is a great combination for a good night’s sleep. We’ve tested many TCs as part of our research!

We also know our customers love our bedding. When you receive reviews such as:

  • “I adore these sheets.”
  • “They are wonderful quality – my husband and I are sleeping like babies.”
  • “Great value for something that feels so luxurious.”

We know we’ve hit the sweet spot to receive feedback like this. Even more so when they come back to buy more!

Why do you not offer difference thread count ranges?

We have also not wanted to confuse anyone by offering different TCs for the same fabric type as some other companies do. What would be the point in confusing everyone by offering a 200, 400 and 600 TC (for example) in the same organic fabric? The 200 TC provides the luxuriousness people are wanting, and we know our customers love it.

There are other factors to take into account…that will affect the quality and comfort of your bed linen

When buying bed linen, there are other factors you should also consider, which will affect the quality and comfort of your bedding. For example, the type of cotton used (e.g. organic) and the weaving technique (e.g. percale weave). We’ve covered these in previous blogs. This reinforces why you should not be swayed by the numbers!

Why honesty & transparency is important to us

We are all about honesty and transparency. This is key to our business ethos. We have developed organic cotton luxury hotel quality sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases at an affordable price. All of our bed linen is made from the finest natural 100% certified organic cotton, which simply improves with every wash.


We know you will love our bedding as much as we do. Please have a browse in our shop.

Thanks for reading

Sara x

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