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6 reasons to love white bedding

We Love White Bedding!

White bedding is a choice that is a little daunting, especially if you have pets, children, or love a morning cup of tea or coffee in bed. We are here to convince you that white bedding is not hard work, basic or boring in any way. It works perfectly for every home, every time. It gives your bedroom an instant uplift, creates a relaxing atmosphere to retire to at the end of each day, and helps you get a better night’s sleep. If you’re looking for a bedroom refresh to mimic your Pinterest boards, look no further than our selection of the finest 100% organic cotton white bed linen.

We used to be a household that bought any colour bedding bar white, but now we have nothing else in our home (apart from our son’s beloved football team bedding in his football themed room). We’ve found that it is not “hard work” like we thought it would be, and it’s so easy to accessorise and we can change the look and feel dependent on the season.

This post goes through all the reasons why we love white bedding, and why we think you should too! White is the way to go, every time!

Reasons Why White Bedding Works

If you have not yet used white bedding in your home, here are 6 reasons why you should consider it (and why we love it).

1) White bedding is simple – it’s so easy to update and accessorise

White bedding is hugely versatile, as it goes with everything. It gives you a fresh canvas to build up and add personality to. If you have gone for colour on your bedroom walls and soft furnishings, white bed linen will bring the focus back to the bed. After all, the bed is the main feature of any bedroom.

You can add any colour of accessories. Some people love to change the look of their bed in line with the seasons. Perhaps a warm throw, blanket or coverlet in the winter to make your bed cosier for the colder months. Or different colours of cushions – deep colours for winter and lighter for the summer. Each bed in our house is still unique and looks very different because of how they are dressed, and how the room decor is – so there should be no worries of feeling bland or boring in any way. The white simply makes a stunning backdrop to the colours used in them.

If you are tired of your bedroom style but do not want to pull out the paint or buy new furniture, then you can switch up your bedding. Putting white bedding on your bed gives the impression of a newly decorated room, without the effort and expense. You will be surprised what a difference it makes.

2) Timeless classic

White goes with everything – it fits any colour scheme and style. This timeless classix is so versatile and will suit any room. Traditional style? Yes. Contemporary style? Yes. Hygge style? Of course! Trends come and go. Something that’s a best seller one year can soon be replaced as another trend takes its place. White bedding is always on trend, fashionable and looks great in any bedroom, so what’s not to love? It is quite simply a timeless classic that will never go out of style.

3) Achieve that hotel feeling at home

White bedding is a go-to in hotels around the world. It’s no wonder. It makes rooms look clean and decluttered while having such longevity and allowing luxe materials to stand out. The colour white equates to luxury and opulence. It promotes a calmness, so you can properly relax in your bedroom. It’s a tranquil haven for you to relax and sleep in. We believe there’s something about an all-white bed that means luxury and a good night’s sleep. Ever wondered why when you stay in a hotel you leave thinking “that’s the best night’s sleep I’ve had in ages”? It’s not a coincidence that most luxury hotels around the world use white bedding. You can replicate the luxury of hotel quality sheets in your own bedroom for quality zzz’s every night.

 4) White bedding brightens up a dark or small room

Whether it is dark through lack of natural light, or dark due to the decor, white bedding can transform how bright a bedroom feels (the bed is, after all, the largest part of most rooms). Small rooms can sometimes feel slightly claustrophobic. Choosing an all-white palette gives the illusion of more space. By maximising light, the room will feel open and airy. As the bed is usually the biggest, most prominent piece of furniture in the room, white bedding can also break up dark walls or furniture colours, having a brightening, transformative effect.

 5) All bedding matches

Do you leave changing your bedding until last thing in the evening as we do? If all beds in your house have white bedding, then it’s really easy to change the bedding as you can simply pull out x pillow cases, x sheets and x duvet covers and you’re done. Investing in a few beautiful white bed linen sets means less time searching around or having to wait for the dryer to finish or do that last minute ironing (if you do iron your sheets). This means more time snuggling up and winding down in bed.

 6) White bedding is effortless

Practicality has to play a part here. There’s nothing wrong with not making you bed – sometimes the mornings can be a little hectic. If, like us, you don’t do this every morning, we think white bedding has that quality that makes them look clean and crisp even when they’re not flawlessly made. We find perfectly imperfect, not staged white cotton, welcoming and warming. Don’t get me wrong – you still can’t beat a freshly made bed that looks perfect!

Are you sold on the idea yet? If you are still not convinced, please let us know why. We must admit that we would rarely if ever go back to using anything other than white bedding in a bedroom now!


Thanks for reading. Please feel free to browse our shop.

Sara x

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